Rabu, 24 Mei 2017

hey guys, i would like to tell you that there's always somethings to make us grateful of.
so right now , i would to give a compliment to something which is made me so grateful.

i would like to give a compliment to angkot driver , because of them , i can move from place to place ,Especially angkot drivers with antapani route ciroyom and riung bandung dago..i am very grateful for angkot driver Who has already transported me to go home.

so, i am grateful to angkot driver who has already to deliver me from school to home which is pretty far away.. thanks angkot driver

Selasa, 23 Mei 2017

1.To produce something  
2. Become interpreters hospitalization
3. that is neither solid nor liquid  
4. along piece of cloth worn around the neck
5. to become fastened    
6. the parts of body have function  for biting
7. the verb 3 from go    
8. Something dificult to found  
9. King of the jungle    
10. An animal that live at the house  
11.you and I and also another  
12. a letter to go one person/place to another
13. strike down    
14. far away from land  
15. a copy data image to displyed on the screen
16. to make some one lost interest  
1.by way or going through  
2. a child or young person  
3.. made especially from  sour wine, malt
4. not containing any things  
5. a reserve movement  
6. a very famous shopping place in Bandung
7. where many kinds of animal  
8. an animal like a large rabbit  
9. opposite from  east    
10. to move through the air using wings
11. to speak in a loud voice  
12. a man, a guy    
13. the smallest tactical unit of military personnel
14. used as a formal and polite way of speaking to a man
15. a word when you want you scare someone

Sabtu, 15 April 2017

first day

Today is the first day dewa athena to grade 10, but that day i was sick and had to go follow badminton match and futsal match. i was compelled to go in because i was afraid in disqualification. Dewa athena is competition or inter-class tournament on sports field. Arriving there, I was waiting for a game of badminton, and there I saw a basketball game the other classes, and it is time for the game of badminton. I with arjun and 10 science class opponent. and and we are losing because I'm sick and arjun also. after that I was waiting for a futsal match against science 6 and I have no hope to win because science 6 excellent in futsal field. and when the game in the first half we were losing 2-0 and we are very pleased to be able to hold them did not put the ball too much and the second half began we've conceded four goals and at the minute I put the ball the final minute and was glad to put the ball into their goal and finally we lost 6-1. after that I saw my friends playing tug of war against ipa 8 and we lose again after that I was praying in a mosque al-kautsar and after that see my friends playing volleyball and they also won against science 9 and it was my return after that

second day

Our class has only three fields of badminton women's expectations, relay, and volleyball. and the day that we won on the field of volleyball and badminton relay but we lost and we are very proud of us because it can win on the field.

Minggu, 08 Januari 2017


i very sad because my holiday little tyhan my brother. I follow the short semester mathematics specialization. because it was carried out on 30 December. i very sad because my brother has been holiday. after that i and family go to mall and see celebration of new year. next day my mom invite me to purwakarta visit relatives. and there i playing badminton and ping pong i feel happy in there because in there many place sports. ping pong biliard badminton and basket. and after that me and family go to grandma house in cimahi and there i just sleeping and eat meatball in there. after that we go home. next day i feel boring at home and me want to buy game in steam and i buy counter strike and anfter that i waiting the downloading because my wifi is very slow. after that i play counter strike and paladins and game mobile until 2 am and next day i play again and again until 8 january 2017. my holiday is annoying because just play game every day and my holiday do not feel it's over

Senin, 19 Desember 2016


On that day I and friends were told by bu wiwin to watch movies i leave my heart in lebanon. when I was in my school and friends waiting at the front of the class Aksel to wait for tickets and after that we set out to use public transportation and once there until we are told to fast into theaters for the movie to begin. and has been to the movie theater we get popcorn, a drink, bread, and a calendar. and the movie began. after that we see see the book in Gramedia with friends ssudah I, azzam, and azhra home together and they use public transport to school first and I went straight home


Film tells the story of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) is the duty of the State to maintain peace in Lebanon. And the story focuses on noble captain (Rio Dewanto), Sergeant Gulamo (Boris Bokir and Lieutenant Arga (Yama Carlos).While in Lebanon, Captain Knight and his troops do not just run a regular duty to keep the peace. But they also have to face a situation that is quite stressful, among others, should arbitrate disputes between Israeli soldiers by the Lebanese army, and also how Captain Knight and his team managed to free hostage soldier Spanish state of Hezbollah forces.During the mission in Lebanon, the Garuda Contingent assigned not only mengaman the conflict countries. But also to provide social assistance to local residents. While visiting the schools to provide information and health checks, captain Satria met with Rania (Jowy Khoury), a primary school teacher (SD).

While in Indonesia, Diah (Revalina S. Temat) began to falter due to the emergence of Andrew (Baim Wong), a young British graduates who have susek property field.Andri Diah put the heart on, and has the support of his mother (played Tri Yudiman) which continued to affect Diah, so he would receive love Andrew.While the father Diah (Dedy Mizwar) asked Diah to remain faithful wait for Captain Satria off duty.At the end of the task, as a TNI soldier Captain noble maintaining military honors by the gift of not marrying and settling in Lebanon, unless he resigned as soldiers. Rania did not want to leave his homeland Lebanon.But when I go home to Indonesia, Captain Satria shocked by Diah who are conducting a wedding reception with Andri. but i think the movie does not reflect the whole army because in fact many in the film the love story of the noble captain

Minggu, 30 Oktober 2016


Ir. Sukarno was born in Surabaya on June 6, 1901. Ir. President Soekarno was first known as proclaimer with Dr. Mohammad Hatta. In 1926, he graduated from Technische Hoge School, Bandung (ITB now). On July 4, 1927, Sukarno founded the PNI (Indonesian National Party) to achieve the independence of his charisma and intelligence made him famous as an orator who can excite people. Dutch feel threatened by the attitude of his nationalism. In December 1929, Sukarno and other PNI leaders were arrested and imprisoned. PNI itself dissolved and changed into Partindo. His struggles continued after he was released, but in August 1933, proclaimed the independence of Indonesia's re-arrested and exiled to Ende, Flores, then moved to Bengkulu.
Soekarno was released when the Japanese took over the Dutch. Japan called Ir. Sukarno, Mohammad Hatta, Ki Hajar Dewantara and K.H. Mas Mansur founded SON (Pusat Tenaga Rakyat) for the benefit of Japan. However, more precisely SON fight for the people's interests. As a result, Japan disperse SON. When a position in the Asia Raya started recessive War Allies, the Japanese established BPUPKI. At the hearing BPUPKI dated June 1, 1945, Sukarno put forward the idea of ​​a basic State called Pancasila. After BPUPKI disbanded, he was appointed as chairman PPKI. Not long after the Japanese call Soekarno, Hatta, and Radjiman Wedyodiningrat to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to meet with General Terauchi to discuss the issue of independence of Indonesia. After returning to Indonesia, Sukarno and Hatta were kidnapped youths who had heard the news of the defeat of Japan's top ally and brought to Rengasdengklok. Finally, an agreement was reached so that Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta soon return to prepare the manuscript Proclamation. Together with Hatta, Sukarno proclaimed Indonesia's independence on behalf of the people of Indonesia on August 17, 1945 in East Pegangsaan No. 56, Jakarta. This independence is the result of the struggle of the entire people of Indonesia, not giving Japan. One day later, he was inaugurated as the first President. He ruled for 22 years. Sukarno died at the age of 69 years and was buried in Blitar, East Java.

recource :www.ilmusiana.com › Pahlawan Indonesia

Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016


Makkah is the place that captures the hearts of a billion Moslems all over the globe. It
 is the place where God's will was revealed to Muhammad, (peace be upon him), and it
is now the location of the Holy Mosque and the sacred Kabba. It is also the destination
         of millions of pilgrims and visitors and the holiest spot on earth.

 God (called Allah in Arabic) has honored it in His Holy Book (Quran), in which it is
given eleven different names, including: Makkah, Bakkah, Al-Balad Al-Amin, Al-Balad
Al-Ameen, Al-Haram Al-Amain and Um-Al-Qura. God also refers to Makkah in
several verses of the Holy Quran (also Koran) using other names, and has sworn on its
name, thus giving a unique status unrivalled by any other city in the world.

 It was also the will of God that the Holy Kabba be situated in Makkah. This divine will
has affected the building and growth of the city as it is today.

 The first Sura of the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be
upon him) on the outskirts of Makkah. These revelations to the Prophet continued
later, and some verses of the Holy Quran are known as Makki, because they were
revealed in Makkah, while others were called Madani because they were revealed in

 It was in and around Makkah that the early Moslems launched their "Jihad" (Holy
Struggle) against polytheism, heresy and idolatry. It was here that God gave victory to
His Prophet and his fellow-believers when they triumphantly entered Makkah in the 8th
year after Hijra (630 AD), ending the state of polytheism and exalting the name of
Allah, the one and only God. The idols were destroyed, God's House was purified and
Makkah became a secure and sacred city. Moslems all over the world turn their faces
in prayer five times ad day towards the Kabba in Makkah and begin and end their
pilgrimage with a "tawaf" (circumambulating) of it.

 The tale of the building of Makkah, the Holy Mosque and the Kabba is well-known,
as are the events which took place in the city following the era of Abraham and
Ishmael. We will therefore begin our description of Makkah with the founding of the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. When the future of the Holy City was a paramount


 Makkah is at the intersection of latitude 21 to 25 degree north and longitude 39 to 49
degrees east. It is set in a rugged landscape consisting mostly of solid granite, with
rocks sometimes reaching 300 meters (1,000 feet) above see level.

 Makkah is enclosed by the Valley of Abraham, which is surrounded by two nearby
mountain ranges to the east, west and south. The northern range comprises the
Al-Falaq and Qu'aqi'an mountains, while the southern range consists of Abu Hudaidah
mountain to the west, Kuday to the south and Abu Qubais and Khindimah to the

 There are three main entrances to Makkah: Al-Mu'allat (also known as Al-Hujoon),
Al-Musfalah and Al-Shubaikah.

 It is generally agreed that Al-Mu'allat includes all areas which are higher than the Holy
Haram and Al-Musfalah covers all areas that are lowers.


1. what it makkah?
   a. place that captures the hearts of a billion Moslems all over the globe
   b. destination for anyone
   c. place of worship
   d. holy place
   e. place of recreation for everyone

2.what is meant jihad?
   a. struggling not earnestly
   b. struggling with earnest
   c. die with holy
   d. tried as much as you
   e. surrendered to Allah

3.what is meant tawaf?
   a. surround madinah
   b. surround makkah
   c. surround kabah
   d. walk to mountain
   e. worship around kabah

4.where it makkah?
   a. city in india
   b. city in saudi arabia
   c. close to india
   d. at the intersection of latitude 21 to 25 degree north and longitude 39 to 49
       degrees east
   e. close to madinah

5.synonym jihad is
  a. struggling with earnest
  b. surrendered to Allah
  c. die with holy
  d. worship truly
  e. lazy